Thursday, October 27, 2011

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AS-2, is almost stationary since the last 18 hrs. Situated in the Southern Arabian Sea, at 7.6N and 65E, its at around 1006 mb with 15 knts winds. Now, an extended trough running from the system has brought clouding into the adjacent west coast of India.
There is another low (1008 mb) embedded in the trough, just off the Karnataka cost.
For all practical purposes, we can say the clouding seen on Thursday in the Arabian Sea and along the South Konkan/Goa and Karnataka coast is associated with AS-2 and its associated secondary low.

AS-2 should change its stature from tomorrow, having been stagnant for almost a day now. Deepen a bit initially, and move North.
Now, almost all models show the system moving NW into Oman. I would wait. If the system takes the upper jet stream course (which normally they do), then, I would say it will first move NW, and then take a Northerly direction.
In that case, Coastal Sindh (Pakistan) may see some rain early next week.

Meanwhile, during the weekend, a vortex developing off the Southern T.N. coast will produce very heavy rains in the Puducherry region, alongwith very heavy rains in the Thoothukudi,
Puddukotai, Ramanathpuram and Nagapattinam districts on Saturday/Sunday.

Mumbai recorded a hight of 34.6c at Colaba and 36.3c on Thursday. Being partly cloudy, as predicted, the humidity was higher on Thursday at 60% (compared to 40% yesterday).

Pune was in the range of 31.7 - and 16.8c. The night temperatures for the next 2 nights will also be in the predicted range.

The forecast put for Mumbai and Pune on Wednesday remains valid (See Mumbai Page).

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