Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In the plains of the country, On Tuesday Morning (25th October), Ahmadnagar (Mah.) was at 12.1c, Pune dips to 12.6c,( Simla:11.7c, Just for info), Amritsar: 13.0c, Nasik :13.4c, Aurangabad: 16.5c, New Delhi: 17.6c and Mumbai S'Cruz 19.3c.

Low in the Arabian Sea at 1006 mb moves slightly North and remains off N.Karnataka coast on Tuesday morning.
Easterly wave bringing good precipitation to Chennai coast and T.N.


sridhar said...

rajesh, how come a sudden dip in the temp???

Rajesh said...

sridhar:Well Sridhar, not totally unexpected, as we had forecasted a fall to below 15c in Pune, Nasik and various cities after 20th october in vagaries october forecast.
North got the drop bcoz of the W.D.(which was also mentioned in the forecast, and Mah.dropped due to NE breeze and calm nights. Allowing heat to radiate out at night, and warm day.

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