Friday, October 28, 2011

Yesterday we talked about AS-2 changing stature from today (Friday), and it has.

AS-2 has showed an erratic movement, and has moved due east in the last 6 hrs ! From 10.8N and 60.9E it has shifted to 10.6N and 64.5E (at 10.30 pm IST, Friday). Having deepened to 1004 mb, it has maximum winds at 25 knts in the Northern segment. The clouding around the system is now showing a swirl, and IMD expects the system to deepen more.

Vagaries forecasts a further deepening and a NW movement, initially, and then North.
Coastal Sindh (Pakistan) can get some precipitation in such a scenario (by Tuesday), depending on the movement of the system. The track and strength of AS-2 will be updated on Vagaries regularly.

The other low mentioned in Vagaries ( secondary low) yesterday is now positioned at 12.5N and 68E, just off the Karnataka coast, and also at 1004 mb.This low is embedded in the trough associated with AS-2.
Next update on AS-2 on Saturday, 29th, at 12.15 pm

UAC formed in the Gulf of Mannar. Heavy rains expected in the districts of Thoothukudi, Puddukotai, Ramanathpuram and Nagapattinam and Puducherry this weekend.

With no W.D.s expected, the Northern region is expected to be dry till Wednesday at least.
Night temperatures will drop by 2/3 c in Punjab and Haryana and Delhi.
Amritsar and Chandigarh are expected to have nights at 10/11c from Monday 31st. Delhi will see 13/14c by the 31st.

Mumbai Forecast for the weekend:

Saturday/Sunday: Cloudy, with light rains possible. Light showers could be expected in some parts. Temperature range: 33c-25c.

Potentially Major and Historic Snowstorm Aims at Populated Northeast U.S. on Saturday….

Is Northeast Snow in October a Rarity?

Those Interested See Mark’s Blog for an updated account.

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