Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The retreating SWM was perticularly violent on Tuesday in South Maharashtra regions. Some severe thunderstorms were witnessed in the Southern Mah. areas, with Pune measuring 105 mms in an evening spell. Pashan notched up 81 mms, while Chinchwad saw 37 mms of rain.

Some thundercells achieved an 18 km altititude over the ghats south of Mumbai, and took a "peek" over Mumbai. With some lightning seen in the SE skies, Colaba got 1 mm of rain in its rain guage. Did not really expect much in Mumbai to happen, and Wednesday a-is as sultry and hot as expected.

Well, this development is in line with vagaries' forecast, and would expect the SWM to move completely out of S. Mah. in the next 2 days. Thundershowers would be of the order in S.Mah for another 2 days, and subsequently, the SWM retreat would be completet from Karnataka too.

The trough in South India persisit across the Southern states of Karnataka, T.N. thru Kerala into the Arabian Sea.

More later tonite...on all India Weather and temperatures.

Indo-French Weather Satellite-the 1000kg "Megha Tropique", sucessfully put in Orbit from Sri HariKota.--Satellite boon for Tropical Countries.


junaid said...

@rajesh panvel also received rain yesterday atleast 8mm of rain i guess,,,panvel observatory officials are very careless in putting precipitation figures after monsoon!!!

junaid said...

now its heavily overcast at panvel ,,,,anticipating a heavy shower ,,,thunder has already started nd low level grey clouds coming from S-E direction,,,the eastern horizon is gloomy grey,,,,hopefully this rains shud lower the minimum temp!!!!

svt said...

October weather always been bit erratic. Its been mostly cloudy/overcast since morning & now its thundering loudly for last 30 mins in Dadar. Wundermap showing heavy rain around mumbai especially just south of mumbai. I think some areas of mumbai will get some decent rain in next 2 hrs.

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