Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BB-9 is now a DD as per IMD and TC as per JTWC.
Located at 20.2N and 91.2E (11.30 am IST Wednesday), and core pressure dropping to 996 mb, winds at 35 knts, is designated as cyclone.
Heading NE towards Chittagong and Myanmar coast. Heavy rains in Meghalaya and Tripura and coastal Bangladesh, as system crosses tonite.


junaid said...

looking at the current sat imagery it looks that the DD has made landfall over myanmar(arakan coast and neighbouring chittagong coast)!!!!!!@rajesh fresh disturbances in se bay,,,,,what r ur views on the date of onset od ne monsoon over T.N??

Viravanalluran said...

Junaid sir
Originally the 93B was spotted near 10.0 N /85.5 E on 13.10.2011. No attention was given to that. It developed and moved further to cross Arakan Coast. This is also a type of Monsoon depression which is common during SWM period.
I think that both withdrawal of SWM and onset of NEM at TN will take place simultaneously

junaid said...

@Viravanalluran Sir,,@ :)
the depression has weakened now and moved back in the bay of bengal,,,,the strong north east monsoon current on the eastern coast of south east asian peninsula has prevented it from penetrating inland,,,i feel this system will go south and merge with the convection in SE bay wich will brong the ne monsoon to T.N.... So happy tym for ppl of T.N

Rajesh said...

junaid: As mentioned on the 18th, the fresh system in the Bay arond the 24th will bring in the NEM.
Viravanalluran:Yes, the SWM withdrawal and NEM onset should be simultaneously.

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