Saturday, October 08, 2011

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The W.D. (upper air) has moved away.
The high altitude areas in Lahaul and spiti and Pangi and Rohtang pass in Himachal Pradesh on Saturday experienced mild snowfall
Delhi is experiencing day temperatures of around 35c, and nights around 23c.
Nights are expected to drop by about 2c by Monday in Delhi and Punjab, including Chandigarh.
Days will remain warm as per our October forecast.

The upper jet streams at 200 hpa level are indicative of a change from the seasonal east to SW on Saturday. Within the next 2 days, as per forecasts, the jet streams are set form an organised west direction over the state, and that would mean complete retreat of SWM from remaining South Konkan and S. Madhya Maharashtra.
Days will warm up in interior Mah. to the predicted range of 33-35c from Monday.

N.I. Karnataka should see SWM withdrawal after Maharashtra. As of today, it seems, regular southward withdrawal shift, into Karnataka region should be on without further hindrance.

Mumbai is done with this year's SWM.....Hot on Saturday, with Colaba at 32.8c and Santacruz at 34.3c. The nights are warm at 26c at both ends. Suburbs touched a low humidity 0f 46% in the afternoon on Saturday.


Pavan said...

A thunder cell passd sw of pune with modarate 2 rather heavy shwrs may b a beating retreat

junaid said...

today ratnagiri received 28 mm till 5:30 pm nd at 5:30 pm it was still showing thunderstorm wid rain,,,@rajesh so r these showers the final farewell for south konkan as u said in the post,,,,but in the 1430 satellite imagery there were huge thudercells to the north east of mumbai,,the imd in its outlook forecasts fairly widespread rain for southern parts of maharashtra!!!!! So any stray chance of mumbai sharing the spoils?????

junaid said...

@rajesh IMD forecast that mumbai's maximum temperature will touch on 11 october,,,, what are your views on this ??? Are we going to undergo such torture????

junaid said...

sorry one typo error!!!! I wanted to say that according to imd mumbai's maximum temperature will touch 38 c on 11th oct!!!

Rajesh said...

junaid:S.Konkan and S.Madhya Mah rains are expected today as mentioned, and SWM will be out of Mah by 10th Oct.."stray chance" for Mumbai is as good as "no Chance."
Mumbai will see highs going up to 36c next few days.

emkay said...

after clear skies for 3 days, Central Kerala getting cloudy, change in weather, muggy now

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