Friday, October 07, 2011

The upper reaches of the Kashmir region received the first snowfall on Friday, 7th October. While the upper reaches around Gulmarg experienced about five to six inches of first snowfall of the season, it was raining in Gulmarg town.

Nepal Met Dept. has announced the complete withdrawal of the SWM from the country as on 7th October.
And, we see Kathmandu drop to 15.4c today (7th Morning). Had expected (in the October forecast) to reach 14/15c around the 10th.

Mumbai: As mentioned yesterday, the Arabian Sea UAC has fizzled out today. I would personally feel the removal of SWM from Mumbai and North Konkan could be done with from Saturday, 8th October.

However, with residual moisture lingering in the ghats, there is a 30% chance of a "hit or miss" thunder rain in some areas of the city for Saturday.


junaid said...

thw last two days were like hell at panvel yesterdaythe temp was 35 c at panvel and coupled with high humidity,,,it was like a typical april day and today although pleasant nd cloudy till noon got hot nd humid by afternoon!!!!!!!!

junaid said...

@rajesh what about chances of a depression wich u mentioned in october forcast blog,,,any positive developments ???? And what about the withdrawal of swm ???has the uac dissipated ??

Rajesh said...

junaid: reply to your query in this post itself ! In Blue.

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