Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Heavy rains have battered Mumbai last night and continuing in the day on Tuesday. With 113 mms at Colaba, as on Tuesday morning, the 3 day total from Sunday is now 170 mms. And with 98 mms at S'Cruz, the same total, for last 3 days is now at 240 mms.
The rain intensity was over the rate of 80 mms/hour at 3 am on Tuesday morning.

The reason ? The vortex mentioned yesterday has slid downwards off Mumbai. This bubbling of the voretex up and down is causing the very heavy downpours in Mumbai. Initially, if we recall, it was mentioned in the vagaries that the vortex would remain North of Mumbai. But its sliding down is the cause of moisture incursion. Not totally surprising, but un- expected, specially after 2 days of lingering off the coast, when it was time to "move on".
Normally, it would hold this position for a maximum of 12 hrs.
Still i expect the rains to taper off by evening.

Next follow up at 4 pm. Will Mumbai create a new record ? Vagaries Poll change suggested .


nt said...

What is the all time record for Mumbai till September 30?

I am of the view that the all time record will be broken this year. But will vote once the new poll is made available online

The vortex seems to have moved since the breeze has come down. It was very windy in the night and morning hours today (thanks to the vortex). Is Mumbai the vortex capital of the country this season? Forget the count of how many vortices have formed over and around Mumbai these last 2.5 months

Anonymous said...

indian met is also predicting a low on 4th sep...means more rains coming for mumbai again???

Rajesh said...

vortices have saved the day this year.

I would not yet venture to give the exact date of the upcoming low. IMD has been declaring 48 hrs since the last 48 hrs !! I was sceptical in my write up.

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