Sunday, August 29, 2010

There's the estimated vortex in the Northern Arabian Sea !
Though estimated a bit North of Mumbai, it is in the upper air, almost over S.Gujarat.
Possibility for the UAC to slide a bit southwards by Sunday evening, or Monday.

But the forecasts for Mumbai are holding good. Thunder Rains from Saturday night, as expected into Sunday. Will wait and see if the amount is anywhere near the figure projected by "vagaries".
Sunday is already forecasted as a rainy day, and the same for Monday.Same, no change from earlier forecast.
Rainfall, from 8.30 till noon, between 20-40 mms at various places in Mumbai.

For S.Gujarat, rain showers will continue on Sunday, with some heavier spells on Monday,north of Surat coast.

Detailed Mumbai/South Gujarat (on request) and India forecast and position of UAC, and the new low projected in the bay, will be put up here at 8 pm today.

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