Saturday, August 14, 2010

Views of Extreme Weather From our Partner Blog
Weather Talk
By Mark Vogan


I blame the extremes we have seen across the world as NATURAL VARIABILITY and the the stage the ocean and atmosphere's current cycle in in.... Have a warm and cold ocean at the same time and you drive weather weather... Like two widely contrasting air masses produce supercell thunderstorms and when you have a very warm, moist lower atmosphere and a very cold air mass aloft, that as well as other things provide the high octane fuel to power hurricanes.. So have a warm Atlantic and a rapidly cooling Equatorial Pacific, surely that will create feedback? Also, we just saw one of the stongest El Nino's on record right? Drought in many areas which commenced all the way back to winter, so doesn't take a rocket scientist to work out that those drought areas may in fact see a warm summer. Drought and a powerful El Nino doesn't mix well and sure enough we have seen tremendous heat in Russia, my argument is this.... is this the only time in "earth's" history that this has happened?

Indeed, my reasoning for the Pakistan and Chinese floods is simple... have that much heat to the west in the perfect place, this will have to reajust the atmosphere surrounding.. to the east and south is of course the region home to one of the greatest seasonal weather shift on earth, the monsoon, when does all the heat occur over Russia? The heart of the monsoon season, drive the atmosphere's turbo of fuel (jet stream) down over the monsoon region and bingo, you've got added fuel to an alrready charged atmosphere...

The the meantime, there are places seeing cold, in fact South America has seen one of it's coldest winter's in decades so let's not get too easily laid astray by the hype of the media. REMEMBER, OUR "REAL AND TRUE" MEASUREMENTS ONLY DATE BACK TO 1970... I believe a heck of a lot of "extreme weather" happened by that, dating way way back thousands of years. Only difference today is we're here, recording and documenting stuff that wasn't before!
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