Friday, August 27, 2010

Vortex of -40 over South Gujarat/N.Mah. coasts, and interior Mah..

The Northern suburbs of Mumbai recieved heavy thunder showers on Friday afternoon. Some of our readers have confirmed heavy afternoon rains at Chembur and Deonar. Mk informs of heavy rain from 2pm at Panvel.
The showers were patchy, but heavy in certain areas. The Southern city was dry, with no rain.
Some parts, like Dindoshi (Aarey) recieved 88 mms of rain within a two and a half hour time period, 3 pm to 5.30 pm, and 123 mms in the 12 hr period upto 9 pm.
Other areas with rain were: Chincholi 61 mms, Malad 49 mms, Deonar 40 mms, Airport 25 mms, Kandivali 22 mms.


Anonymous said...

there is a lot of thunder & lightning at 11:30pm in mumbai atleast in trombay hill your prediction came true.. :D

emkay said...

heavy thundery weather from midnight continuing well into Sunday morning with heavy rains in Panvel.

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