Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mumbai Lake levels at 80.6%.
As on yesterday,13th.August, the lakes supplying water to Mumbai, all included, had an overall storage stock of 10.48 lmlitres, against a full storage capacity of 13.0 mllitres. That is, the overall storage is now at 80.6%.
Last year, on this date the storage was 7.30 mllitres. Working out to 56.3%.

Normally, Mumbai needs to be supplied, requires, 4300 mlitres/day. ( 0.04 mllitres, comparing with the above units). But even in normal times, the supply was restricted to 3450 mlitres (0.35 mllitres), as full supply.
The city, in the initial stages of the 2010 monsoon, in June, got 2900 mlitres (0.029 mllitres). Then it was raised to 3000 mlitres (0.03 mllitres), and yesterday, it was decided to further raise the supply to 3100 mlitres (0.031 mllitres).

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Nitin K said...

This is good info. Keep giveing us updates

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