Tuesday, June 06, 2023

 Update on Arabian Sea System 6th June 2023, 8 pm IST

*The system in the Arabian Sea has intensified into a Cyclone. Winds at 60-70 kmph. 

* Currently away from Indian coast, 930 kms. from Goa, 1060 kms. from Mumbai and 1150 kms. from Porbundar..

* Expected to track N/NW further away from the Indian Coast, to become a severe cyclone with winds expected around 125/145 kmph.

* Mumbai/Kokan:  NO ALERT 

No direct impact of Cyclone in Mumbai. Some showers on Friday through Sunday for Mumbai from the "far away" system, with winds at 30 kmph. (Current wind speed in Mumbai today 5/6 kmph).


*No direct impact of Cyclone on Pune.

*However as the System moves, some ⛈️ thundershowers likely in Pune from Friday. 

No CycloneAlert

Goa: No Alert and no direct impact of Cyclone. 

Thundershowers from Friday. 

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