Friday, June 23, 2023

23rd June update:

With Monsoon winds now regaining the required strength gradually ( thanks to the fizzling away of "Biparjoy "), we see the seasonal off shore trough gaining moisture along the West Coast and heralding in the Monsoon over N. Konkan,  Mumbai,  and South Gujarat from 25th. 

Next 7 days see good rain over these regions.


*Sultry days over !

*Rains begin on 24th.  and gradually rain frequency increasing by 25th. 

*Monsoon advance into Mumbai on 25th (finally) 😥😌

*Heavy rain on 27th/28th..could accumulate to more than 100 mms in these 2 days. Possible localised flooding in vulnerable locations. 

*Let us hope no "unwanted " onset date record is surpassed. 


* Monsoon rains and cooler days after 25th, Sunday.  

*Regular Intermittent Rains 🌧 from Sunday, with increase on 27th.

*Cool days Next week at 25°c.


*Long wait could be over by 26th ( for the Monsoon).

*Frequency of Rains will increase from 26th. Very heavy rain falling on 29th/30th.

*Cooler days at 30°c.

Valsad: With Monsoon advance. extremely heavy rains from 27th to 30th..can accumulate in excess of 150 mms.

Surat: Regular Intermittent Rains from 25th. Substantial increase next week. 


The latest All India Monsoon area covered as on 23rd 👇

Vidharbh Region of Maharashtra will also get heavy Monsoon showers from 26th.

Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad): 
*Light to moderate rainfall for  24th/25yh/26th. 
*Sowing can start from Sunday 25th.
*Expected good rains on 27 to 30th.
*Monsoon advance. 

संभाजीनगर (औरंगाबाद): *24/25/26 रोजी हलका ते मध्यम पाऊस. *रविवार 25 पासून पेरणी सुरू होऊ शकते. *27 ते 30 तारखेला चांगला पाऊस अपेक्षित आहे. *मान्सून दाखल

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Pankaj said...

Rajeshji declare the Monsoon arrival to Mumbai

  Posted 13th Night: Outlook for Sunday 14th to Wednesday 17th: An off shore trough along the West Coast is expected to bring good rainfall ...