Saturday, June 10, 2023

Dr.vineet's Page Updated with Cyclone information. 

10th June 8 pm IST


Our friendly cyclone is now a "Very Severe Clone" with dangerous winds estimated at 155-165 the Centre of the system. Core Pressure estimated at 965 hpa.

Track of "Biparjoy"


Latest Wind Shear Indicator technical Image..North /North West Track presumed

As "Biparjoy" tracks Northwards, gusty winds will affect the Konkan Coast and later in 2 days very gusty winds will sweep Western Saurashtra and Sindh Coast.


*Needs to be on alert for possible impacts from Cyclone Biparjoy 

*Veraval/Diu to Dwarka coast can see very gusty winds of 50-60 kmph from Monday 12th June. Winds can exceed 65-70 kmph by Tuesday 13th, as the cyclone comes closer to the coast on its track towards Sindh region.

*Sea will be very rough.

*Kutch coast to also see very gusty winds and very rough sea conditions from 13th to 15th June. 

*Rainfall will be light to moderate during these days. Interior Saurashtra may get some thundershowers. 

More details by tomorrow

Karachi: Likely to gat affected by Cyclone as the movement is estimated towards Sindh Coast. Very strong gusty winds and rough seas from Tuesday. Rains in heavy downpours also from Tuesday Night/Wednesday..could accumulate to 60-80 mms in 2 days.


*Mumbai can see some gusty winds from South of 30-40 kmph at times. Some gusts may touch 50 kmph or higher.

*Sea will be rough during high tide.

*Chance of some showers, but no major relief from heat+humidity.

* Wait for proper Monsoon tll at least 16th June.

* Santacruz saw a night temperature of 29.6c. Almost the warmest night on record ( S'Cruz:10th June 2007 was the warmest at 30.3c. Colaba: 30.2c on 10th June 2016 (As per Vagaries' records.).

2.SW Monsoon has advanced into Coastal Karnataka and into the NE states. BB-2 formed quickly and pulled the SW Monsoon into the NE States. Now fizzled out after crossing into Myanmar.

Now, likely to advance into Goa and South Konkan by Tueday 13th June.

Interior Maharashtra will not receive Monsoon showers till 18th at least...Some local pre monsoon showers in Marathwada on 15th/16th. Sowing should nt start now.

Even Interior South Peninsula will have to wait for the proper monsoon

मराठवाड्यात किमान १८ तारखेपर्यंत मान्सूनच्या सरी पडणार नाहीत... १५/१६ रोजी मराठवाड्यात काही स्थानिक मान्सूनपूर्व सरी पडतील. पेरणी आता सुरू करू नये.


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shiekhz said...

Thank you sir for update, although models are taking it towards Gujarat coastal belt

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