Sunday, June 11, 2023

11th June 

 See Monsoon advance line below


Pankaj said...

Rajeshji, does Biparjoy one of the slowest moving cyclone in Arabian sea ? what is the record for longest cyclone in Arabian sea?

Rajesh said...

[ Cyclone Biparjoy now is at least a Category 1 cyclone (hurricane strength) for 114hrs. This is the longest duration of arabian sea cyclone with at least category 1 cyclone strength (>65 knots) in satellite era (since 1982) as per jtwc
[Cyclone Biparjoy is also the fourth longest lived cyclone in the premonsoon season in Arabian sea in satellite era (since 1982).
Currently it is active with winds at least 35 knots for 144hrs as per jtwc
Vineet Kumar..coauthor.

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