Wednesday, June 14, 2023

 14th June scenario 

Gujarat forecast in view of cyclone Biparjoy:

Landfall is expected on 15th June.

Rain and winds expected to increase for Kutch region. 

Very heavy rain of 150-200 mm and strong winds of 120-130 kmph with gusts up to 140-150 kmph likely from tonight. 

Saurashtra: South/southwest winds of 80-90 kmph, with gusts up to 100-120 kmph possible around Devbhoomi Dwarka. Porbandar may see 70-90 kmph winds. Rain can be moderate around Porbandar, but heavier towards Devbhoomi Dwarka. 

Sea conditions will be extremely rough with big waves. 

Biparjoy will weaken as it tracks east/northeast after landfall.

Rain and area of gusty winds will spread eastwards and northwards after landfall.

North Gujarat and South Rajasthan can see heavy to very heavy rain of 100-150 mm during 16th-17th June. Some places like Mount Abu can get even higher localized rain.

Moderate to heavy rain will spread into Madhya Pradesh over the weekend.

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