Thursday, February 02, 2012

Mumbai is heating up as estimated in vagaries'weekly forecast put up last Sunday (Removed since to give priority to note on GW).
In the last 2 days, Mumbai has recorded 34c, as forecasted, (Reaching 35c on Friday), and Pune shooting up to 31c (estimated 32c). Delhi reached the 24c. Kolkata is now 25/26c against 27c estimated. 

Across the border, Karachi has shot to 28/29c and Sukkur reaches 26c. 

But, all this till Friday, when F-1 reaches the sub-continent. Week ends will start cooling again.
Friday, starting with the extreme North, precipitation will move eastwards into the plains of the regions, and bring hail on Sunday.
Rains may just avoid Delhi. But will cool down from Saturday.

Maximum precipitation effect in India will be on Sunday. 

The system,F-1, slides into Nepal on Monday, and with good SE moisture feeding, brings fairly heavy rains along the length of the country.
Kathmandu can expect overcast conditions on Monday and Tuesday, with rains.Drop in day temperatures and rise in night expected.

Substantial cooling returns to the plains and Northern Indian regions from Sunday, and in western India from Monday.

Mumbai and Pune will see the temperatures declining from Sunday night, as the winds return to the N direction.

We can expect light rainfall in South T.N. on Monday.

Those Interested in Mumbai lows this week, please read my views on 
Mumbai Page.

Sorry No postings since Sunday as I was trekking and Birding in the Thattekad Sanctuary (Kerala) and Birding in Evrikulam National Park (Munnar, Kerala) last 5 days. Next Posting will be up on Thursday ,2nd, evening.


Ron said...

its getting quite hot in mumbai....

sridhar said...

expecting to go low at 10-12c next week ???

Rajesh said...

Ron/sridhar: Yes, i had put up Mumbai going up to 33/34 by 1/2 Feb in my weekly forecast last Sunday.(Have removed it now as i wanted the note on GW on top). Anyway, if u remeber, had mentioned F-1 would be coming and lowering temps again..Mumbai will cool down again form Sunday..maybe going down to 12c at S'cruz. This 12.5c at Colaba is doubtful, putting up a note on Mumbai page. Not too sure of it.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to the trekking sightings.


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