Monday, February 20, 2012

As explained in the weekly forecast, F-3 is taking its own time to "settle down" and move ahead. 
On Monday, F-3 precipitated rain/snow in Northern Pakistan, with several palces recording between 10 - 35 mms of rain, and snow in the Northern mountains. 
Islamabad too had traces of rain with the temp in the 15 - 6c range. 
Karachi saw a warm day at 31c. Expect the temps to improve from Wednesday.

There was light rain in Chandigarh and Amritsar today, with rain in Manali too.

Vagaries' weekly report mentions of  F-3  expected to strengthen from Tuesday. Precipitation will gain intensity from Tuesday in Northern India, and weaken in Pakistan.

Repeating from the weekly report--" It should precipitate heavy snow/rain in Kashmir/H.P. and Uttaranchal on Tuesday thru Thursday.The strengthened system will bring some rain to Punjab and Haryana on Tuesday and Wednesday.
System moves away from India from Thursday."

But, this "lethargy" on the part of the system has caused some temporary rise in temps in Western/ central and south central India alongwith a hot days in Gujarat.

The actual temp map shows the heated region, and the max. temp anomaly map is also attached. Shows the Western half of India as above normal.The heating is more than anticipated.


Hottest in India (and Asia) on Monday was Bellary (Karnataka) at 38.1c, followed by Kurnool at 37.5c.solapur in Southern Mah. was 36.9c. 
Surat was 36.8c on Monday, but as explained, it is expected to cool down from Wednesday.
Mumbai S'Cruz was 36.5c.

Banking on F-3 to regain and improve the Central and Western India day temps from Tuesday.


Pavan said...

Sir, if time permits pl go through d site whch tels highest max temp on 19th feb was 40.5 at beltangady n karnataka

Neeraj said...

F-3 not moving ahead as anticipated, the strengthened system will only be effective in mountains west of Nepal. I guess the rain forecast for Kathmandu should be revised a bit, maybe it will only be a bit cloudy on Wed and Thurs, but no rain. The temp here is in the range 6 (min) - 24 (max); 2-3 degrees more for both min and max.

Ganesh said...

Today could be Mumbai's hottest February ever !!

Ron said...

is it me or is today one of the hottest days in mumbai??

junaid said...

@rajesh the imd 1430 obs shows mumbai santacruz at 37.4 c(wind) w -4 and very low reltv humidity at 20% was feelingly the intense dry heat at panvel,,,it wass just very hot ,,,i was really expecting a lowering of temps !!!! Why ths w.d behaving lykkk tht,,,,wen r we going to get the cold front of it,,,,or is it the beginiing of the long summer ahead ??

Anonymous said...

Everyone's dreading the summer ahead - & knowing 2006 was worse is little consolation! - Satyen

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