Wednesday, February 22, 2012

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The baked Mah. coast at last had some relief on Wednesday.
Mumbai and Ratnagiri, which sizzled at 39c on Tuesday, at long last got its due of NW winds, and as a result saw the day "drop" to 35c at S'Cruz and 36c at Ratnagiri. In fact, Colaba daytime temp fell to 32c on Wednesday. NE winds of the previous days finally reverted to NW. 

Mumbai could still be around 34/35c on Thursday and Friday (S'Cruz), with the nights hovering at 16-18c till Thursday and Friday.

Akola  (Mah) was the highest in India (and Asia) on Wednesday recording 38.5c. I see a 40c by the month end in Vidarbha (Akola or Nagpur). 

But, F-3 is feeble, in fact it has almost fizzled out and is now getting pulled away towards the NE by high altitude (200/300 hpa level). Vagaries' Sunday forecast of the cooling effect resulting from F-3 is almost nil.

The system in fact did not really gain much nor did it strengthen from Tuesday as expected. The real "cold wave effect" from this system may not materialise after all. I mean the lows forecasted (On Sunday) for Mumbai (15/16) or Delhi (9/10) and Karachi (8/9) was far fetched. 

Mumbai did not go below 18c and Delhi stuck to 14c.Karachi managed 11c. We had over estimated the capacity of the system to strengthen from Tuesday.

Entire Punjab/Haryana and Delhi region will remain dry and in fact see some moderate cooling from Friday.
Next W.D.(could be weak) is due around 1st week of March.

For Pune, we had not anticipated any fall in temps. Pune will continue to heat up with unrelenting South winds. Nights will be pleasant on Thursday and Friday at 11c. Day will be hot at 35/36c till Friday, after that a slight fall in day temps possible. 

Things worked out entirely differently for Nepal. F-3 did not gain enough to move into Nepal. There was no meaningful precipitation in Nepal, and Kathmandu remained dry.Temps are in the 25 - 7c range. The  capital will be dry and hot next few days, with no W.D. likely to effect the city soon.

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