Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The anticipitated low (estimated in vagaries' weekly forecast) formed over U.P, South of Nepal today. Result was very good precipitation in Nepal.
Even as vagaries had estimated up to 30 mms in some places in Nepal, Bhairahawa in Nepal measured 61.5 mms of rainfall. Several other stations received between 20-40 mms. 

Kathmandu had a cold/overcast and rainy day today (Wed). What can you expect when the day's high manages 11.5c, rising only 1.9c from the minimum. The reason was a good 31.7 mms during the day.
Rains likely to clear by Thursday, bringing clear skies and from in night temps. Kathmandu can go down to 2c.

Bahraich in U.P. received 61 mms of rain in the day today. Fatehpur measured 50 mms. Shimla had snow in the day today (Wed).

Nasir reports from Sukkur of temp going down to 0c. Sukkar official site reading shows 4c. Karachi was at 10c on Wednesday morning. Sukkar and Karachi night temps likely to rise from Friday morning.

A UAC forming over South Mah. on Friday is likely to bring cloudy weather to N.I.Karnataka and South interior Mah. Light rainfall possible in S.Mah and Marathwada on Saturday.

Cold conditions from the sub continent should abate from Friday, as the F-2 system approaches Pakistan from Saturday.will creep into N.Indian states of Kashmir and H.P. on Saturday, and bringing rains in Punjab on Sunday.

As mentioned, temperatures in Mumbai will be fluctuating and yo-yo-ing a lot this week. From the recent low of Wed/Thursday morning it would rise to 33/34 by Saturday. Then, a fall to 16/17 expected again from Monday.

Coldest place in India on Wed morning was Chushul (Ladakh) :-30c, Gulmarg: -12c,Bhatinda (Punjab) -0.6c and Amrritsar :-0.3c. Nalliya (gujarat ) saw 0.8c.

Just for your information, the coldest places in the world on Wed 8th Feb, morning: 

Ojmjakon (Russia) at  -55c. 
Greenland was Summit Point, reading -39c. 
North America was Shephard Bay (Nunavat) at -36c. 
Kemi in Finland was the lowest in Main Europe at -25c.
U.K. measured  Church Fenton as the coldest place at -12c.

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Ganesh said...

Mumbai Scz 8.8 C yee!!what a winter!!
rajesh bhai,any chances of breaking the 7.4 record?

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