Thursday, February 23, 2012

A New Page has been added to Vagaries today.
"Global Warming Hysteria", aptly named, as it will cover the various facts, weather events and happenings all around the world which are and will not be published elsewhere, as they may be as per "anti GW theories".

…and yet, all we hear about is alleged warming. 
Vagaries will try and cover the "uncovered Stories on the so called GW from all over the World..Please visit this Page regularly, as it will be updated every Thursday and Monday..Remember, update yourselves every Thursday and Monday..

Read the first Article on this Page...Sure you will find this new Page interesting and informative. Please express your views freely ..and put in your comments.

Rare Pelicans starving – Can’t reach fish in frozen Caspian Sea


Pavan said...

Good to c d nw page, hope vagaries continues. Cheer!

Rajesh said...

Thanks Pavan..hope u like it.