Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Come Tuesday, and the cool NW winds are lashing.

Mumbai saw a fall in day temp on Tuesday, with strong NW winds. The day was 27c at Colaba and 28c at S'Cruz. Now could fall to the 14/15c expected on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.
But, this week is a week of wide fluctuations for Mumbai. Friday will see the day temp going up to 34c ! And the night will be 19c. Reverting back to 31c by Sunday, as NW winds return ( F-2 expected from Sunday).
Pune: should see a drop from Tuesday for a couple of days. 
A  UAC forms over S.Madhya Mah on Thursday, bringing in some clouds over the city. (Some light rains in S.Madhya Mah possible Thursday).

Delhi 's projected drizzle did take place today (Tuesday), with S'Jung measuring 0.6mms and Palam 0.6 mms.The days were better with the NW winds and hovered around 20c. Our expected fall in night temp to 7c should now take place from Tuesday night.
Chennai was partly cloudy today, with some areas reporting light rainfall. another cloudy day on Wed, and warmer days from Friday as mentioned.
Bangalore has already heated up to the 31-18c range on Tuesday. Though expected fro Thursday, we see the heating taking effect sooner.

Kolkata, now in the 30-16c range, will see a marginal drop next 2 days. On Wed and Thursday, with N winds, will bring about a fall of 2/3 c in the day and night temps, to around 27c and 13c range. 
But no precipitation expected next few days. We may hope for some on seeing the movement of F-2 later this week or early next week.

Satyen reports of a cooler day on Tuesday for Bharuch.The town will see a rise in day temps from Thursday, maybe substantial on Friday, reverting back to decent temps on Sunday.

Neeraj reports of a very warm day in Kathmandu on Tuesday. With the day's high at 25.7c, it seems to him it could be a record for the month ! Heavy rains expected on Wed in Kathmandu region and eastern Nepal and Sikkim.

Karachi has cooled down and is in the 22-8c range (check forecast), though Sukkar has dropped to 4c, against vagaries' expected 6c forecast. Rise in temps for the reigon from Friday. 
F-2 in Northern Pakistan region from Saturday, 11th.

Where’s Your Global Warming Dude?

Temperatures dipped to below -20 in several locations in Switzerland on the night of Friday to Saturday, the coldest of the winter so far.According to the SF Meteo weather service, the very lowest overnight temperature, -34, was recorded on the Glattalp in the central canton of Schwyz.

The village of La Brévine, in the Jura in western Switzerland, reputed to be the coldest place in Switzerland, recorded a temperature of -23.9. However, this is well above the Swiss record it set in 1987 of -41.8.

Even in the plateau area, temperatures varied between about -15 and -20. At Zurich airport it fell just below -20 in the coldest part of the night.

Monday night saw the Kvilda region of the Czech Republic record a temperature of -39.4C (-38F) on Monday night.

Winter whacks Europe..see video here..amazing ! 

Read more and a full detailed report direct from Scotland..This is the time to read Mark's Blog !  


Ghosh said...

any info on kolkata

Rajesh said...

Ghosh: Put up on request !

Ashok Patel said...

-39.4 C = -38.92 rounded to -39F

Shri said...

Mumbai is gettng so cool....hope this weather continues for some more time...:)

Rajesh said...

Shri: Afraid, as mentioned, we will see temp going up from Friday..maybe sat will be hot..refer forecast put up ..and cooling again with F-2 coming..

Shitij said...

Today the weather is much cooler in Surat max temp 23C min temp 10C.

RK said...

after yesterday's drizzle, COLD air has invaded delhi....

nasir chudary said...

sukkur minmum 00 today.v cold weather.

nasir chudary said...

Rajesh shab your perdication is good u r doing great job.last time u r prdication accurate for F1.

Shri said...

Yes Rajesh sir...i chkd the forecast put up by u...few days back..Mumbai met dept had recorded 10C..(which was hard to digest for anyone)..but this cooling spell seems to be far more cooler.Just want to clarify whether
there is error in Mumbai met dept readings ??

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