Monday, February 27, 2012

Highest in India on Monday was 38.5c at Akola. Along with Prome (Myanmar) these were the hottest in Asia on Monday.

Sunday's  "freak" 40.1c at Bhubaneshwar (freak because it was back to 37c today on Monday) just happened to "upset" my 40c "setting" for the mid week. -:)) 

Anyway, it was also very hot in Mahableshwar, the hill station being 32.6c, a good 6c above, and classified as a Heat wave condition.
Mumbai is trodding along the expected 35-18 range.

F-4 has moved completely into India on Monday, and as mentioned, the system is weak, and has precipitated very little amountds in Kashmir and H.P.Just 4 mms in Kupwara and 1 mm in Gulmarg.

Forecast for Tuesday, 28th Feb/Wednesday 29th/ and Thursday 1st March; 

Refer to point No 3, of Sunday's weekly forecast, which will be taking effect: 

The NW winds regime is definitly going to gain strength from Tuesday. Strong NW winds will sweep the entire Gujarat region and North Mah. and the Sindh coast in Pakistan, from Tuesday.
Wednesday will see the NW winds gaining more and will be gusty over Saurashtra and Kutch.

Windy (NW) on Tuesday and Gusty in Saurashtra and Kutch on Wednesday/ Thursday and Friday. Will keep day temperatures in the 32/33c range in Rajkot and Surat. 

Mumbai: Tuesday onwards, NW winds dominating will keep the day temperatures around 33c at S'Cruz and 30/31c at Colaba. Nights will be around 18c at S'Cruz. The next 2/3 days temperature should be in the normal range for this time, i.e. at 33c - 18c.
Pune: Almost in line to our weekly forecast put up on Sunday. Being more in the "calm" range last few days, Pune too will get NW winds from Tuesday, which will bring the days down to 34c from the current 36c. Nights, I expect will fall to 11c next 2/3 days.

Nagpur: Continues with a slight rise in the current 36-19c range for 2 more days, that is Tuesday and Wednesday. Akola or some Vid station could reach 40c mid week as expected.
Friday, stiff NW winds will lower the day temperature to 34c and Friday night will be cooler by a couple of degrees.

Delhi: The currently blowing NW winds in Delhi will sober down from Wednesday. Wednesday/thursday and friday will see a rise in day temperatures to 27/28 levels. Nights will also rise from the current 9c level to around 13c from Thursday morning.

Karachi: In the 29 - 12c range now, maybe a cooler day on Tuesday with strong W winds blowing for a day. Rise in temepratures from Wednesday to 31c. 
Sukkar has already reached 29c on Monday, almost 5 days before our forecatsed date. Not much effect of F-3 has shown a rise in the temperatures early. Should stabilise to 26/27c till Friday, after which the days will get warm again.
Islamabad will tend to warm up this week from Tuesday, gradually, till Western Disturbance M-1 arrives on Saturday, 3rd March.

A few days back, we had read an article in newspapers (from NASA ) on the "Vagaries" group on FB, about "Cloud tops dropping closer to Earth "– ..Read about it and Vagaries' views on The Global Warming Hysteria Page....

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vagaries view: Could be due to the La-Nina keeping its strength intact as yet !!

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