Sunday, February 26, 2012

At least this week's Weekly Forecast starts off well...Wind Rain and Blowing Sand in Dubai Sunday Morning at 10 am..see pic on inter active Page sent by Jignesh from Dubai..
and more pics here of Sharjah ..

Bhubaneshwar (Orissa) touches 40.1c on Sunday, 26th Feb.2012. Becomes the first 40 of the season in India. Bhubaneshwar was was also the first place to touch 40 in 2009, on 25th Feb that year.


sydney 7 day forecast said...

Weather forecasting in true sense is the application of science and technology to forecast the atmospheric state for a given place or area for upcoming time.

Rajesh said...

Weather Channel: To forecast we surely need sc. and Tech. But a little of local knowledge surely must see the local developmets like winds, clouds, sky colour etc.

junaid said...

@rajesh why there is so less humidity observed al along the west coast from mumbai to mangalore???at some places like panjim ,ratnagiri at 1430 hrs the winds wer coming from west south west,,,but still the rh humidity was below 30%,,,at panvel mah hygrometer measured 16% humidity ,,,nd the breeze was coming from west,,,at the same tym colaba was getting winds from nw with 50+humidity nd santacruz being dry with 29%humidity,,,but their the breeze was frm n-e!! it appears that a fighting is going on between westerlies nd easterlies:) :)

Rajesh said...

Junaid: actually the humidity along the west coast, specially the northern region, is low as the winds were initially NE. Even after they become NW, it will be dry, as the NW winds come from a dry inland.
Colaba weather station has the sea on both sides of a small strip of land. S'cruz is quite inland.