Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pleasantly Surprised to see Mumbai drop to 14c today (Thursday) Morning ! Expected to touch 13c at S'Cruz and 16/17c at Colaba on Friday Morning. 

Pune saw 9.8c and Nasik 9c on Thursday morning. Delhi S'Jung reached 7c.
Kolkata had light rains today in the afternoon after thundery rains in the morning.

Nasir from Pakistan informs that Sukkar touched 3.5c on Thursday morning.Kathmandu drops to 5c.


Neeraj said...

Actually 4.3 yesterday morning here in Kathmandu. Expected to remain in 4-20 C range for the next few days. Then the temp is forecast to gradually rise and should be around in 7-23 C range after 10 days or so.There was no rain yesterday, only partly cloudy sky; today it is a clear day; no rain in the forecast for at least a week I presume.

Rajesh said...

Neeraj:what I see Neeraj, is that F-3 will longer on in the Western Himalaya regions (Kashmir/H.P./Utteranchal) for an extended period, say till Tuesday or Wednesday. The projecting trough from the system will intrude into Nepal, and bring precipitation to at least Western and Central Nepal,and some to eastern end. Clouding will come say by Sunday.

Anyway, thats my take..and will put up the scenario, by Sunday morning.