Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Vagaries weekend forecast updated.

Cold Wave in Northern and Central India.

Nights were in for severe cold in the Northern and central regions of India.

Night temperatures in large areas in the North and

central India are 4/6 c below normal (cold wave ) and severely affected areas in the more than 6c below the normal.

Anything more than 6c below normal is taken as “severe Cold wave” as per IMD norms

Very low Minimums on Wednesday morning:

Kashmir: Leh: -23c, Kargil: -18c, Pahalgam: -11.6c,

Quazigund: -10.6c, Gulmarg: -9.5c.

M.P.: Umaria 0c, Bhopal 2.3 (-8)

Rajasthan: Mt. Abu: -4c, Bikaner 1.2c (-4c), Pilani; 1.5c, Jaipur 2.3c (-6),

U.P.: Churk ; 0.6c

Jharkhand: Kanke: 0.5c, Hazaribagh: 2.8c and Ranchi: 4.2c.

On Wednesday, 5th.Jan, even the day temperatures were abnormally below normal in the regions of NW India and stretching into the central parts. Severe effects were felt in U.P, Punjab, Delhi and North M.P.

Max temp anomaly

Very Low Day maximums on Wednesday, 5th. jan: Chandigarh recorded its coldest day ever today, making it colder than Srinagar and Shimla,

Jammu: 7c (-12), Chandigarh: 7.4c, Amritsar 8.3 (-11), Ambala 8.4c (-12), Kanpur 9.4c, Bareilly; 9.6c (-12c), New Delhi (PLM) 12.1c, Gwalior 12.6c (-10).

To show the extent of the day’s cold, Srinagar was at a high of 7c and Shimla 14.9c today.

Here we have days as much as 12c below normal.

In Pakistan, the Sindh region is under a severe cold spell. Sibbi was 13c at the high and 0c as the low.(It was 51c in Sibbi on 26th. May 2010).

Faisalabad’s range was between 10c and 5c.


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Posted Thursday 29th January afternoon: Mumbai/Pune Outlook for 21st Friday/22nd Saturday/23rd Sunday: Mumbai - Pleasant Friday with max/min...