Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sandstorm Hits UAE Dubai - 28th Jan 2011

Sandstorm Hits UAE Dubai - 28th Jan 2011

Gulf News


svt said...

Do you agree with the today's TOI's headline story that it will get hotter & wetter in India in future. Its difficult to believe that average annual temp will rise by 2c by 2050 & by 3.5c by 2100 And it will rain heavier(+ by 10%) in short space of time.

Rajesh said...

svt, by now you know i am never for this GW theory. Yes, there will be some "Urban Warming", meaning the temperatures in big cities will rise due to growth and congestion. But outside the cities it will not rise much. Never on a global scale to affect climate. Even in cities all over the world we are seeing severe cold spells and is being published in Vagaries almost daily.
Heavy rains ? No. It will be seasonal and heavy as always has been in places.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my vid :)

best regards.. loy

Rajesh said...

Thanks for sharing.