Tuesday, January 04, 2011

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Lowest Temperatures in India today, Tuesday, 4th.Jan:

Kashmir:Darbuk:-27c, Leh: -20.2c, Kargil: -18c, Gulmarg: -9.2c, Quazigund: -8.4c, Pahalgam: -7.7c.and Srinagar: -4.1c.
H.P: Keylong: -13.4c and Kalpa: -5.7c.
Haryana: Narnaul: 0c, Hissar: 2.7c.Delhi:3.7c.
U.P.:Churk: 0.6c, Allahbad:3c.
Jharkhand: Kanke: 3.4c.
Nepal: Lowest, -7c, Jumla: -3.8c and Khatmandu: 2.8c.

Vagaries Forecast will be updated on Wednesday, 5th. an active system expected to cross westwards thru Sri Lanka and precipitate heavy rains in the southern extreme tip of india. system will cross into SE Arabian sea and will be below 8N.


Neeraj said...

Wednesday's Kathmandu temperature was 2.1 and 20.2. While 2.1 is near normal for this time of year, 20.2 is 2-3 degrees warmer.This year we have not had below freezing minimum temperature. Actually for the past few years we have not had below freezing temp.Though on 14th Feb 2007 there was a rare snow event in Kathmandu. Last time it snowed before that was in 1944. Here's the Reuters link:http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSB53171220070214

Rajesh said...

Thanks neeraj. I remember that snow instance in Khathmandu. whats the all time low ?

Neeraj said...

All time High is 36 and all time low is -3.You can get the average condition here:http://www.mfd.gov.np/pdf/normal2006.pdf

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