Saturday, January 29, 2011

Pleasant January Weather: Mumbai Page Update tomorrow nite by 10 p.m.

Space News Page Updated today.

The current W.D. has precipitated scattered in all the regions of Pakistan. Though the rainfall did begin from Friday night, it was generally cloudy and light to medium rains were reported from there. Though Vagaries had anticipated rains in Sindh, Karachi far down in the South had good showers, as reported by Tyrone from there. 9 mms of rain was seen in Karachi today. Various places in Balochistan, Punjab (Pakistan) and the Northern regions had between 2 - 10 mms of rain/snow.

Now, as per the schedule, the system will move into India, and hopefully stick to the rainy schedule "prepared " by Vagaries.-:)

And on the 31st, we see precipitation in Western and Central Nepal. Kathmandu will get more cloudy (low clouds) from tomorrow with upto 5 mms of rain on Monday. High will drop below 20c. Low will be around 3c and then drop from the 1st. to around 1c.

As mentioned earlier, expect a fresh W.D. from the 2nd.(Pakistan) moving into India.

In the South, the Easterly Wave is now active over Sri Lanka. The wave will have to make do with an embedded UAc, now E of Sri Lanka , for further enhancement of rains. Expect some "spill over" from this into South T.N. next 2 days.

For India, the Vagaries forecast map of yesterday should suffice as a valid forecast.

Night temperatures, already having risen marginally, will rise 2/3c in the North and Central regions next 2 nights. Days will be getting cloudy and cool.
Nights will again get cooler, albiet for 2 nights, by 2/3c in the region.

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