Sunday, January 09, 2011

Snow Closes Scotland airport.

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Mumbai page updated.

The Day temperatures continue to remain abnormally below normal in U.P, Punjab,haryana and Northern M.P.

Today, it is Agra's turn to set a new low !Agra sets a new record for a cold day, with the maximum temperature on saturday not pushing above 7.7c.This could well be the coldest day temperature ever in Agra. I have yet to verify this,but could well be a record.And this is 14c below normal !

Most stations in Punjab, Haryana and U.P. are 10/12c below normal in their Saturday temperature recordings.Bikaner saw 12.5c in the day, 10c below normal.The extent can be viewed in this IMD chart.

However, for the night readings, the coldest in the country on saturday was Shyok at -27c,followed by Leh at -13.6c. A weak W.D.has eased the cold wave conditions in the Kashmir valley, where the upper reaches also experienced light to moderate snowfall.Leh is experiancing partially cloudy weather.

In Rajasthan, Bikaner airport froze at -2.3c,Mt. abu also saw -2c, while Pilani was 0.5c.
In U.P, Sultanpur was the lowest at 1.4c.

Surely, temperatures and severe conditions are seen easing, specially in the day, in NW India , including Delhi, after /around 11th. Jan. Emergence of clouds will result in temperatures rising, and foggy conditions easing out.

In Pakistan, Extremely thick fog has caused massive disturbance to traffic flow on roads and flight schedule in the capital besides upper parts of the country and interior Sindh.

The twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi were enveloped by thick fog, and air traffic suspended.

In the Punjab province,the worst hit areas are Multan, Bhawalpure, Bhawalnagar, Kahniwal, Chhiccha Watni, Jhang and others. Lahore had a high of 8c today.

In the interior of Sindh including Hyderabad, Sukkur, Larkana,and surrounding areas are in grip of severe cold and mist.Routine life has been badly affected by this.On saturday, Sibbi with -0.6c was the coldest at night and the high was at 13c..Karachi continued with a low of 8c, though it was expected to rise to 10c by Saturday.Quetta in Balochistan freezes at -7.5c on Saturday.
Temperatures will rise after 11th. Jan as clouds appear in the Northern regions.

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