Thursday, January 06, 2011

This current cold wave in Northern/NW and Central India is unprecedented, and its intensity has, I must admit, taken me by surprise !

-1.3c at Bikaner airport on Thursday, 1c at Jaipur and Jaisalmer and a temperature range between 7c in the day and 4c in the night at Kanpur on thursday, 6th. Jan !

0.6c at Agra and 0c at Daringbadi, Orrisa !
-4c recorded at Mt. Abu on the 4th, and 3.7c at Delhi on that night.

And of-course, Leh was -23c with Kargil freezing at -18c a few days back, and people walking across the frozen Dal Lake in Srinagar, where it was -5c om wednesday, as the shikaras were stuck.

In Pakistan, Sindh, adjoining Rajasthan, was the hard hit region. Sibbi slipped to -0.5c and Karachi port city measured 8c.Northern pakistan Punjab region is fog hit, with days as cold as 9/10c. Islamabad froze at -1c on Thursday morning.

I think, this cold wave will slip out of sindh and central Pakistan by Friday, and move eastwards, and Rajasthan and NW India will have a day more to face the brunt.

By the weekend, things will ease out by 2/3c in the NW and Central and Northern Indian areas.The core cold wave region will have shifted out of this regions by saturday.High clouds (cirrus and alto-cirrus) will cover the NW areas of India and adjoining pakistan this weekend.

Gujarat and the Konkan coast may see temperatures dipping on the weekend by 2/3c due to strong Northerlies.

Mumbai, which is seeing expected rise in temperatures since the last 3 days, will get some relief this weekend.
A fall in temperatures by 2/3 c is on the cards this weekend, with refreshing Northerly winds.
Highs will drop from the present 32c to 29/30c and lows from the present 22c to 18/19c.

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