Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vagaries Forecast Page Updated.

Fluctuation at its Extreme !

Day Temperatures in the Northern Sub Continent shoot up to above Normal levels from very much below Normal !

Just a few days ago Vagaries was raving about the days being 12-14c below the normal range in Northern regions of the Sub Continent. Lows, like 7c and 8c, some records of an all time coldest Day, were mentioned here, and Delhi was shivering at 10c, in our last write up.

Now, suddenly, the days have shot up to26.4c in the capital (Palam) and 4c above the normal range in most of the region.

It is one thing of things going back to normalcy, to comfortable levels. But this is a straight jump to above normal levels. This is what vagaries is all about !!

Thursday’s map of the day temperatures and the anomaly shows it all.

I would call it the Pre W.D. Heat.

W.D. will start precipitating rain/snow in the Kashmir region, H.P. hills and West utterakhand from Friday. Plains of Punjab, Haryana, Utterakhand and Delhi will start getting the rains from Friday, maybe by evening. That will keep this sudden spurt in the day temperatures short lived. Fog expected to reappear in Delhi after 16th. Jan.

By Saturday, I expect the W.D. effect to spread to Nepal. The depth of the W.D. will make it penetrate upto Central regions of Nepal. Katmandu, cloudy from Friday, with some rain on Saturday.

The abrupt spurt in the days is not restricted to the North. The effect is felt far down thru Mah. into the Southern States.

The highest day temperature in India today, 13th. Jan. was at Mangalore. Goa and Ratnagiri, at 34c, followed by Solapur reaching 33c. Cochin and Hyderabad topped 32c.

Incidentally, Pattaya, , alongwith the Indian Cities, also at 34c was the highest in Asia today.

The hottest day in Pakistan on Thursday was 29c at Lasbella and Turbat.

Mentioning of Maximum temperatures on the Vagaries is meant only to indicate a very sharp “overnite” jump in the days, and should normalize by Friday/Saturday.


Neeraj said...

I will inform you on any rain on saturday and sunday here in Kathmandu

Rajesh said...

thanks. Appreciate it.

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