Friday, May 28, 2021

South West Monsoon weak current set to move into Kerala by 30th


Posted 28th afternoon 
SWM has moved  into Sri Lanka..and set to advance as a weak current into Kerala by 30th..Monsoon progress North wards into Coastal Karnataka/Goa will be around 4th or 5th June.

We see some pre monsoon rainfall currently occurring Kerala 
Last readings and map shown below 

Mumbai: Now hot,humid and stuffy, waiting for the rains !Look at the high minimum ( Nights) temperatures in the Konkan and Mumbai.. Unbearable with high humidity. Nights  at an unbearable  29c.

Outlook next 4 days till 1st June.
Mumbai will be same with no change. Maybe light overnight drizzling from a passing cloud, that too in some parts of city. 
Pre monsoon  showers or thundershowers  after 3rd/4th June. Proper Monsoon to set around 10th to 13th June. 

Pune: Thundery clouds development  possible  in late afternoon/evening. 

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