Sunday, May 09, 2021

 Vineet's Note:

Interesting stats : only once (year 1998) in the past, Arabian sea has cyclone genesis in the May and June month.

That means statistically if we have a cyclone in Arabian sea in May then there is very rare possibility of another cyclone in June in the Arabian sea. Also once again a fading La-nina is growing to throw a cyclone in the Arabian sea in May.

This relation of May Arabian sea cyclone with decaying La nina has been observed several times in the past also


sset said...

AS cyclone is becoming very common during start of SWM.
Last year we had cyclone Nisarga.

This has impact on strong monsoon onset over Kerala. Last 5 years SWM onset over Kerala has been extremely weak. This is due to AS cyclones which take entire moisture payload to Saudi or Karachi or GUJ / MAHA.

Nilesh Ladhad said...

Sir,any probability of it coming towards Indian Coast?

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