Monday, May 17, 2021

 Posted Monday  17th 11.30am

The Cyclone is currently  160 kms .. West/ North-West off Mumbai..Cyclone  will move away NW from Mumbai slowly. By late afternoon we may see some decrease in intensity. 

Monday  morning 3 hrs rainfall till 11  am in Mumbai 

Dadar (Pvt) 72mms, Vagaries club 56 mms, Nariman Point  56 mms, BMC office 53 mms, many places between  10 to 30 mms

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sset said...

Vagaries Mumbai rain prediction is accurate.... Navi Mumbai also slight decrease in heavy rains.
Cyclone eye slowly moving towards GUJ. Reports of tremors over GUJ. Rain estimate over GUJ - IMD has put red alert over entire GUJ for 2 days. Dump of > 300mm in 24 hrs ?

Definitely these rogues cyclones and extended SWM has negative impact on fragile NEM.

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