Thursday, December 29, 2011

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“Thane” : precariously close to coastline South of Chennai near Puducherry.
Just about 175 kms away from the coastline, at 81E, the strength has marginally weakened to 984 mb, not much to physically affect the strength, as winds are maintained at 14o kmph.

Map shows the latest position at 12Z 29th Thursday.

Expect heaviest rains in Chennai from around 6 pm on Thursday evening, and increasing rainfall along the coast.
Winds will be gale force and destructive along the T.N. coast.

Centre expected to cross late tonite just South of Chennai.


sset said...

As you mentioned heaviest of rain @ 6pm. It has rained only 10mm - not even drizzle???? Will this cyclone end up like 2010 "Jal"???? AP and TN requires lashing torrential rain to balance drought and poor NEM. Forcast today says 250mm-300mm put we don't see anything.

sset said...

cyclone "Thane" looks like an overrated cyclone?

sset said...

In fact 2011 NEM cyclone which went to Arabian sea and made landfall on Oman - they also did not produce impacting rain. "Thane" is only hope left for tail end of NEM.

Rajesh said...

sset:I have mentioned rain from 6 pm, not @ 6pm.
This is late in the season for the cyclone to hold on for long..will weaken fast on landfall.