Friday, December 30, 2011

Position @1.30 pm IST Friday. System pressures weakens to 993 mb and surface winds at 70 kmph. System moving west, slightly South. Heavy rains expected at Salem with gusty winds till tonite.


Cyclone "Thane " crosses land at 4.30 am on Friday at exacly 11.8 N and 79.7E, that is at Puducherry. While crossing, it sustained core pressure at 983 mb, which weakened rapidly on hitting land.
Currently at 8.30 am, centre of system 55 kms west of Cuddalore.

Expected west movement with weakening. Overcast in Bangalore with cool Friday and intermittent rains.


Rajesh said...

corrected error: System is west of Cuddalore, not east, error corrected.

Shitij said...

I think that this system will enter into Arabian sea and will intensify what is your opinion Rajesh sir

Shri said...

I dont think it will intensify anyfurther....and loose its intensity well before reaching Arabian sea.