Sunday, December 04, 2011

Forecasted Temperatures. Clear Weather with No Rain in the any of the cities below.

Forecast for Cities:

Mumbai S'Cruz:

Mon: Clear. 34c - 21c (Actual: 32 - 20)

Tue: Clear. 34c - 20c (33 - 20)

Wed: Clear. 33c - 19c.

Thu: Clear. 32c - 19c.


Mon: Clear. 32c - 15c (Actual : 33 - 15)

Tue: Clear. 32c - 15c. (33 - 16)

Wed: Clear. 30c - 16c.

Thu: Clear. 30c - 16c

New Delhi:

Mon: Clear.shallow Fog. 25c - 13c (Actual: 30 - 11)

Tue: clear.Shallow Fog. 24c - 13c. (29 -15)

Wed: Clear. 25c -15c.

Thu: Clear. 26c - 16c.

An Easterly wave with embedded UAC is likely to bring rains along the T.N. coast by Wednesday. May be of moderate intensity.

No effective W.D. till Thursday, hence dry in the North.

Forecast post Thursday will be put up in a couple of days.

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Pavan said...

Why is winter nt taking the peak ths season even amritsar and adampur nt reachng 5deg celcius pune is also warm when can we expect first cold wave in mah

Rajesh said...

pavan:True, the temps are not as cold as normally they should i mentioned, its the moisture from the arabian sea which prevented the cold..real cold wave in mah. can come only when we get a strong W.D. in the North..when ? keep checking on vagaries, will surely keep u updated ! -:))
shall give periodical 4/5 days forecasts..

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...