Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Report of Wednesday Morning: Status Quo ! Same strength, same speed and moved just 1 degree due west.More around Noon.

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Not much change in the last 6 hrs ending mid night (IST) 27th . No change in track forecast . Hence reproduced on earlier map. Position "B" is the current location , as on mid night.


Pradeep said...

Recall of 1994 Severe cyclone - As Chennai fears from a Severe Cyclone Thane

Anyone has memory of 1994 Severe Cyclone that crossed Chennai) – It was the destructive cyclone to hit Chennai in last 20 years or even more.

This cyclone i witnessed it first hand… me this created havoc in Chennai. 24 cm rainfall in 24hrs coupled with 120 km/hr winds…. The cyclone scared the shit out of me. I watched the high winds with power cut without sleep. Still its scary. Hope Cyclone Thane doesnot make any destruction like this.

Neha said...

I am safe in Goa I pray that god will the people there and the life of all be saved and secure. God Do not bring such to our state or anywhereelse. Praise the Lord.

sset said...

Pradeep - Channai 1994 cyclone rain 24cm in 24hours is nothing - Myself Mumbai resident - 300mm-400mm-500mm daily dumps is common in Mumbai's 5months of monsoon @ times reaches 4000mm!![Indias wettest city]. As we all know 2005 july it rained 1000mm in 24hours @Mumbai breaking records.

Infact it should have rained with cyclone "Thane" to tide over drought over AP, South Interior karnatak and TN also NEM is deficient. Unfortunate that "Thane" did not bring good expected rains ending as "Jal"

As far as I remember classical cyclone to strike TN @ Danushkodi was in year 1962 december- entire steam engine train[those days] was swept over Pamban bridge. Indian version of Titanic!!!!!!

Nagpur Downpour.... Cloudburst on 23rd between 2.30 am -3.30 am...98.5 mms a t city AWS Railway station 24 hr Rainfall till 8.30am of 23-9-2...