Sunday, December 25, 2011

BB-12 Report as ot 10.30 pm IST Sunday:

Since our last report, the system has tracked due North/NE, and, if it may be said, has achieved and reached the Sunday position estimated by Vagaries in the map published on the 23rd, shown as position "A" in the original forecast map reproduced again above. Only variation is the estimated pressure by vagaries was 1000 mb and actual is at 1003 mb.

Now,at 10N and 88E,it is expected to track to position "B" almost as per our schedule.Pressure is 1003 mb and winds at 25 knts, BB-12 should deepen by tomorrow to 1000 mb and become a depression.

Vagaries had put up a temperature forecast map on the 20th of December, for a 22nd - 26th temperature forecast. Certain temperatures forecasted like Kathmandu,Srinagar, Mumbai and Chandigarh are almost as per estimate, while a few vary by a degree here and there.
Shall put up a forecast map for the 27th-1st Jan period tomorrow night. Should give a rough idea of the New Year Eve forecasted weather.

Cold but snowless Christmas for the North. Leh at -26c and Gulmarg at -10c were among the lows in the state.
Lowest in the plains on Christmas morning (as reported) was -1.4c at Churu (Rajasthan). Amritsar was -0.6c and Hissar at 0c on Christmas morning.
Nalliya in Gujarat was the lowest in the state at 3.2c.
In Mah, Ahmadnagar was 6c and Nasik at 7c.

Across the border, Islamabad and Sibbi plummet to -2c and Karachi is steady at 8c.


Anonymous said...

Not enough information about depression

svt said...

mumbai (scz) might drops to 13c in next couple of days.

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