Thursday, December 01, 2011

Its been a Warm November 2011 for the Sub-Continent:

Last week of November anomaly map shows extremely hot conditions in N.India and Central India, and most of Pakistan.

November Heat Wave In Himachal Pradesh:

The last few days of November, a winter month for this Himalayan State, has been Hot ! In fact, its a heat wave on ! With temperatures up to 10c (almost 18F) above normal in Simla, its literally Hot in the state.

Some Places in H.P. showing the max and min temperatures with departures as on 30th November.

Simla: 23 (+10) 6 (+1)

Dharamsala: 22 (+3) 6 (-2)

Keylong: 11 (+5) 4 (+4)

Manali: 18 3

Kalpa: 20 (+8) 7 (+8)

In fact, for the regions comprising H.P, almost throughout the month, its been hot,except for a few exceptional days during the tenure of W.D. This system had brought rains and snow initially in the month, in H.P.

Otherwise, the month has been absolutely dry, as seen from these November rainfall details for Himachal.

Place, November actual rain, Normal Total, % deficient.

HP State 7.7 45.1 -83%

SHIMLA 3.5 36.3 -90%

SOLAN 0.2 51.2 -99%

KINNAUR 1.4 34.4 -96%

BILASPUR 1.3 31.8 -96%

HAMIRPUR 3.3 40.9 -92%

Adverse NE and E winds replaced the normally required W winds. Moisture from the Arabian Sea brought in a lot of moisture into the regions, creating cloudiness and "trapped" heat.

Nepal too, has similar reasons for being hot. A similar state is prevelent in Nepal. Neeraj from Kathmandu writes -"What is the reason behind the temperature hovering in the 8C-22C range, in fact today it was 10c-22c here. Today is the last day of November, I guess the temperatures (esp the min temp) should be a little below this by now.Last year,it was 3.6C-23C on the same day and the year before that it was 6.3C- 22.6C".

Kathmandu too, has been warmer than usual for the month. I would work out the average for the month this year has been in the 23c - 10c range,while the normal is 23c - 7c.In fact Kathmandu too had received rains as a result of N2.

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Ron said...

acc to news reports...there is a cold wave in will this wind carry the winter to mumbai

Rajesh said...

Ron:I am writing about a heat spell in H.P.You mention about a cold wave in Srinagar..-:))
There is no cold spell, the days high was 16c in Srinagar which is 4c above normal for this time. Minimum today was -1.6c,1c below normal.
Anyway, I have put up the expected temperatures for Mumbai/Pune for the next 2 days.

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