Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Update of Cyclone:
Latest position is 12.4N 84.5E. That is 285 Nm east-southeast of Chennai. It has tracked west-northwest at 13 knots in the last 6 hrs.Peak winds are at 40 knots and gusts at 45 knts in the southeast and southwest quadrant. Pressure still at 996 mb. Likely to deepen now onwards.
Expected to take the North-North-west track initially, and later after 30 hrs. recurve in a North-Northeast direction. Might just be "on and off" the coast while just hitting the coast south of Vizag.Will graze the east coast after that while moving North-East.

Ofcourse, heavy rains along the path, and gusty winds and rough seas along the T.N. and A.P. coast with the movement of the cyclone will prevail.

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