Sunday, May 16, 2010

Readings as on 16th. May:
Hottest in Asia: Larkana (Pakistan): 50c. Also,Nawabshah:49c,Jacobabad:48c (Pakistan).
Hottest in India: Ganganagar:47.8c,Hissar 47c,
Hottest Nights (above 30c): Jodhpur 31.6c,Kota 32.3c, Raipur 32.0c,

Mahableshwar:32.2c, Simla 29.2c.
Mumba,Colaba:35.8c, Mumbai,S'Cruz:34.0c.Thane (AWS) 36.0c.
Warm weather with temperatures around 35c in the day for Mumbai. Cloudiness increasing from Wednessday.

For Mumbai Readers:TOI Front page news today( Sunday) says Mumbai touches 40c.recorded in April and March!Totally misleading and unproffesional, just ignore.

The Heat is ON ! The first 50c of the year was recorded in Larkana, Pakistan, today.
The entire stretch from Sindh (Pakistan) into India covering the states of Rajasthan, Haryana, Delhi, M.P, Vidharbh and Gujarat are under a severe heat wave. IMD map of today's high shows the deep red area covering the region.

Nawabshah (Pakistan) 49°
Jacobabad ( Pakistan) 48°
Hissar Airport (India) 47°
Brahmpuri (India) 46
Wardha (India) 46
Nagpur Airport (India) 46°
Satna (India) 46°
Bahawalnagar (Pakistan) 46°
Bikaner Airport (India) 46°
Gwalior (India) 46°
Chhor (Pakistan) 46°
Khanpur (Pakistan) 46°
The Sub-Continent list of over 46s is long today. And I must have missed out a few .In addition, there are  45s today too !

This intense heat will give be a booster for the fast formation and deepening of the seasonal low over the Sindh/ Rajasthan region, and its spreading into the heart of India in the East, and Westwards into Pakistan and Iran.

The North-South trough runs through from East Madhya Pradesh to south Tamilnadu across Vidarbha, Marathawada and Karnataka, hence the line of wind discontinuity persists.
North-East India has been enjoying much cooler weather, with pre-monsoon showers. All stations in this region have rain in excess for the pre monsoon season. Cherrapunji,the wet spot, has recieved 4277 mms of rain in March and April, which is 2766 mms more than the normal for this period !!
We see the low in the Bay, mentioned in yesterday's blog,taking shape and the cloud mass increasing. But,I see the system pulling the clouds from the Andaman Islands,and weakening the monsoon current there to some extent.

Conclusion: The Monsoon will advance into Andaman Islands within 2 days, but the Bay branch may stagger later. Arabian Sea branch? Like we discussed earliar, I feel it depends on the direction the depression takes after it crosses the T.N. coast. There are too many ifs and buts to this sector.

News from my Partner Blog: A superb write up on the " Summer Heat & Daily downpours showing in prime areas" Please read it and see how the other regions of the globe are facing summer, while Spain and the U.K. are "cooling Off ".


Anonymous said...

IMD has forecasted the current Depression in Bay of Bengal to intensify into a cyclone. Are we seeing something very similar to last year?

anant said...

Its been an amazing turnaround ! Bay has not only woken up but also has now stolen a march over Arabian branch. Any latest update on the possible track of this depression , will it build up into a full blown cyclone,. The sea temperature appears to be very conducive for a cyclone . Look forward to your updates.

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