Friday, May 14, 2010

Readings of 14th. May:
Hottest in Asia: Nawabshah (Pakistan): 48c. Hottest in India: Brahmapuri (Maharashtra): 47.1c.

Easier to see the other hot spots (44c-46c) in the IMD map,rather than a long list covering half the blog.

Hottest Nights: Gondia (Maharashtra):33c, Jaipur:32.4c,N.Delhi,Palam:32c, Kurnool:31.4c, Raipur: 30.9c, N.Delhi, S'Jung:30.2c, Ramagundum:30.6c Agra 30c.(The list is getting longer).
Mahableshwar:31.9c (Day) and 19.1c (Night).
Mumbai:Colaba:35.4c,  S'Cruz:34.2c. Hot days,partly cloudy, and stuffy nights will prevail in Mumbai for the weekend. Stuffy and humid, with enough perspiration to drench you,will be the experiance next 3/4 days.
Meanwhile, our poll on the blog indicates 33% say Monsoon will be arriving at Kerala 25th.May and 31st. May. Lets hope these 33% are correct.
After the sapping heatwaves, some cooler weather news, 

News from Our partner Blog: 
Warm weather expected to end the UK cold snap
Daniel Corbett, BBC Weather
Weekend storms to lash southeast Europe

After reading this,should make the people of India feel better!! Thanks Partner ! !

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