Tuesday, May 18, 2010

 Readings as on May 17th: 
Hottest in Asia: 
New Delhi (Palam) : 47.6c ..This is an all time high record for Palam for any month.
And lots of other stations in India and Pakistan recording 46c,
Allahabad/Bamhrauli  46°
Nawabshah (Pakistan) 46°
Bahawalnagar (Pakistan) 46°
Pbo Raipur (India) 46°
Hissar Airport ( India) 46°
Satna (India) 46°
Nagpur Airport (India) 46°
Gwalior (India) 46°
Chhor (Pakistan) 46°
Kota Aerodrome (India) 46° 
Hottest Nights: Kota: 35c, Chandrapur: 33c, Hissar:32c, Palam: 31c, Amrisar:31c (+9c), Jaipur:31c..and due to long list,upgraded the base level from 30c to 31c :)
Day temp of Mumbai,Colaba: 35.0c, S'Cruz: 34.2c
It’s a sizzling summer: A searing heat wave across India: 
An IMD report says the heat across the Northern, Eastern and Southern regions had intensified as temperatures ranged up to 5/7c above normal.
The heat wave continued unabated in Northern India today, and has claimed more than 150 lives, and with temperatures touching the 48c and 47c mark at places in Rajasthan and Haryana.
With the mercury settling above the 45c mark at many places in Rajasthan, the desert state,Sriganganagar was the hottest place for the second consecutive day as it sizzled at a high of 47.8 degrees.
National capital New Delhi recorded maximum temperatures averaging 43c all through last week, and finally Palam topping 47.6c on Monday.
Wardha, Chandrapur and Brahmapuri in Maharashtra state have been the hottest city in the country as the temperature rose to a record 47 again, through last week.
As many as 22 people died heat-related deaths in southern Andhra Pradesh state since Thursday, PTI news agency reported. Hyderabad touched 45.5c.
In Punjab and Haryana, Hisar was the hottest in the region with a daytime temperature of 47c, 7c above normal.
In Gujarat,Ahmedabad saw a sharp rise in the maximum temperature and reportedly it was beyond 45c mark.
And finally for Mumbai: Municipal commissioner Swadhin Kshatriya said, “It is the worst situation in more than 100 years. The lake levels in Mumbai were never so low and wells have reached the lowest drawable levels at two places. We are exploring other sources such as borewells and have imposed water cuts. The city has enough water till July 15, but if the monsoon gets delayed, there could be problems.”

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