Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Region wise Monsoon Report till today 20th September:

The monsoon started off weak, with  June being -9%  July, impressed with +13% . August saw erratic activity, with -36% for the month.

So far this September, surplus is +9%,

All India Monsoon is at -7%.  Maybe a better picture will emerge by this month end...for the overall Monsoon Season. 

Now,  with multiple weather systems , BB-8, BB-9, UAC over Rajasthan, more showers across the country are expected this month.

The ongoing rainfall this month, is a blessing for the Summer crops, following the driest August in over a century. 

This year, the withdrawal date is delayed....Normally the Monsoon starts its reversal from Rajasthan on 17th September.


Maharastra Monsoon upto 20th...👇

Mumbai: Next few days the current pattern will continue with occasional showers, some with thunder. Weekend forecast on Friday...

Interior Maharashtra   Many areas in Vidarbha, Marathwada and Madhya Maharashtra regions likely to get moderate rain/thundershowers over next 3 days. 
Rainfall may not be uniformly distributed
 Ch. Sambhajinagar can see moderate rain/thundershowers tomorrow 21st and Friday 22nd. 
25-45 mm total rainfall possible in these 2 days.

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