Sunday, September 17, 2023

Posted 17th Night:

BB-8 continues its Westward track pouring extremely heavy rains in Rajasthan, M.P. and Gujarat.👇

Ahmedabad,Bharuch and Vadodara heavy rains were pre warned in Vagaries "Latest Snippet " yesterday.

However, the "pull effect" Westerly winds towards the system from the Arabian Sea was weak (not enough gradient).Closely spaced isobars mean strong winds; widely spaced isobars mean lighter wind.
The Westerlies can strengthen a little bit as the location of the Low shifts towards Kutch

Hence the rainfall over North Konkan (Mumbai) was not as per our expectations.
Mumbai did not receive the expected amount of rains due to poor Westerlies. We expected around 40 mms cumulative this weekend, but averaged around 30 mms between North and South Suburbs.

Monday 18th, will get some regional heavy showers. From 19th -22nd ( Rest of the week), we can expect showers in irregular intervals, not steady, in parts of city. Sunny  periods in between.
This pattern of rains will continue through the week.

Pune: The coming week will be partly cloudy with light rains in parts of Pune.

Sambhajinagar: Light to moderate rains will continue for the next 4 days. There will be no danger of fields getting waterlogged. Slight increase from 22nd.
Rainfall this season till today : Phulambri 384 mms ( 78%), Waddod Bazar 358 mms ( 73%)
संभाजीनगर : पुढील 4 दिवस हलका ते मध्यम पाऊस सुरू राहणार आहे. शेतात पाणी साचण्याचा धोका राहणार नाही. 22 पासून वाढ होण्याची शक्यता. या हंगामात आजपर्यंतचा पाऊस : फुलंब्री 384 मिमी (78%), वडोद बाजार 358 मिमी (73%)

Bharuch: After getting good rains ,( Netrang 52 mms, Bharuch 35 mms), the rainfall intensity will decrease from the coming week...18th onwards.
ભરૂચ: સારા વરસાદ પછી, (નેત્રંગ 52 મીમી, ભરૂચ 35 મીમી), વરસાદની તીવ્રતા આગામી સપ્તાહ...18મીથી ઘટશે.

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