Tuesday, July 13, 2021

 Good Rainfall in Pune, Konkan & Goa as on Tuesday 13 th Morning ended 24 hrs. ...Active Off Shore Trough.

From AS-2; Gujarat : Veraval 118 mms, Daman 55 mms, Valsad 28 mms, Porbandar 22 mms, Surat 9 mms.

Karachi also measured 21 mms, Khi A.P 11mms. Max 24 mms in some parts. 


sset said...

June north Konkan pounded, July south Konkan pounded.
MAHA is having best of rains (as usual) this SWM - good widespread konkan, vidarbha ,Marathwada. It is good Mumbai avoided usual extreme rains yesterday ....although heavy rains are continuing.

Heavy rains continue to elude Kerala and Karnataka.

shiekhz said...

Sir another low formation over offshore trough?

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