Sunday, July 11, 2021

 Posted Sunday Night 11.50 pm IST

Posted for Mumbai... 

An elongated circulation associated with the Bay low BB-5 is preventing westerlies to set in over the northern konkan coast, thereby delaying the typical heavy rain associated with low clouds. This feature is however helping interior Maharashtra regions in getting rain/Thundershowers. 

Additionally, an upper air circulation at 700 hPa level (~3.3 km altitude) may develop off Mumbai coast by tomorrow, and so there remains the possibility of some moderate-heavy rain/Thundershowers for coastal  areas of North konkan for another 24-48 hours.

This elongated circulation is also giving Thundershowers over Southwest Rajasthan, parts of Kutch and Sindh region. 

Thundershowers with varying intensity likely across Saurashtra region for next 2 days

Vagarian Shreyas ( U. S) assisted in this write up. 

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